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Forge The Path To Divorce That’s Right For You

The state of Texas allows divorce based on either fault or no-fault grounds. No-fault divorce is by far the most common way that married couples dissolve their marriages. The grounds for no-fault divorce are living apart without cohabitation for at least three years or mutual acknowledgment of irreconcilable differences. If you and your spouse have reached this point, you are wise to be looking for a divorce attorney. Decisions that you make now can have long-term consequences for you and your children.

I am attorney Joseph Lassen, and I welcome the opportunity to advise you on the most efficient path to completion of your Texas divorce that will take into account the essential elements, including the following:

  • Division of your real estate, vehicles, financial accounts and other personal property
  • Determination of alimony (spousal maintenance or support)
  • The custody of your children (if relevant)
  • Child support

Discover Your Way To Divorce

Reaching the point of deciding to move forward with a high-asset or typical divorce is never easy. Going through the process is a challenge that typically requires legal counsel. As you approach your Texas divorce, a skillful, empathetic attorney can help you understand the steps ahead of you and how your decisions now will have an impact on the rest of your life.

At The Law Firm of Joseph Lassen, you can find the guidance you need through any path that your divorce may take, such as:

  • Divorce mediation: To reach an agreement about how property will be divided, where children will live and whether alimony will be part of the divorce decree, you and your spouse may negotiate directly. Alternatively, and more commonly, you reach decisions with the help of a divorce mediator. Once an agreement is documented and agreed upon by both spouses, it will be presented to a judge in family court for approval.
  • Divorce litigation: A truly contested divorce may prove to be difficult to resolve through negotiations or mediation. There may be bitter disagreements over the division of business assets or over how children will be raised in two households. Litigation is the costliest and most challenging way to conclude a divorce, but it may become necessary if you and your spouse cannot arrive at reasonable decisions even through mediation. At The Law Firm of Joseph Lassen, I am prepared to aggressively represent you and your position after other avenues have been exhausted.
  • Receiving the final decree of divorce: Once the agreement or decision through trial is reached, the agreement or decision will be converted into the final decree of divorce. The judge will issue your decree, and it will be legally binding.

Get The Guidance That You Need To Make The Right Decisions

Even if you believe your divorce is still in the distance or just a possibility, divorce planning can make a great difference in your future. If you have time to plan ahead, I can advise you on how to get started. Or perhaps your spouse has served you with a petition and you need to respond as soon as possible. Regardless of where you are along the path to divorce, I am confident that I can help you act in your best interests.

Protect your assets and parent-child relationship(s). Let me advise you on the next steps toward your Texas divorce. At The Law Firm of Joseph Lassen, we are here to answer your questions about family law, divorce and more. Call me at +1-210-625-6540 or send an email inquiry to request a consultation.

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