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Criminal Defense For Your Future’s Sake

Being charged with a crime is a serious legal event that demands your full attention and efforts to overcome. A misdemeanor or felony conviction can leave you disadvantaged for years to come with a criminal record and other penalties and repercussions.

At The Law Firm of Joseph Lassen, we respect each client as a unique individual with a story worth telling. I am defense attorney Joseph Lassen, a former police officer and lieutenant with the New York Police Department (NYPD) for 20 years. I bring the same thoroughness and professionalism to the defense of my clients in San Antonio that I previously applied to develop compelling prosecutions in New York City. My clients benefit from my deep familiarity with the prosecutorial side of a criminal case.

Types Of Criminal Cases That We Handle

At The Law Firm of Joseph Lassen, my legal staff and I welcome inquiries from parents of young defendants as well as from anyone of any age who has been accused of a crime such as:

  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Driving with a suspended driver’s license
  • Theft of any kind, such as shoplifting, robbery, auto theft or white collar fraud
  • Assault and battery or domestic violence
  • Vehicular homicide or any form of homicide
  • Drug possession, distribution, manufacture or trafficking
  • Drug crimes involving cocaine, heroin, OxyContin, Ecstasy or marijuana

It is completely normal to be afraid and confused after a drug charge or any criminal charge or the start of an investigation. One of the best solutions is to contact a criminal defense attorney right away. The sooner you contact a criminal defense attorney, the more options you will have to build an effective defense.

Protect your future employment, voting rights, Second Amendment rights, driving privileges and housing to name a few privileges that may be at risk after your criminal arrest. You should understand these consequences, the method and the consequences of any criminal charges, including drug charges according to the Texas Controlled Substances Act.

About Criminal Charges For Possession Of Marijuana

Possession of marijuana is a crime in Texas and is in a controlled substance class all its own. For elaboration, see Health and Safety Code Section 481.121. The prosecution of marijuana charges varies widely throughout Texas, from reducing or dismissing the charge to formal probation or jail time.

A conviction for possession of marijuana also has an automatic 180-day driver’s license suspension. For the most favorable outcome, it is highly recommended that you hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to comprehensively review your case and determine what options you can take to ensure the least disturbance of your daily life.

Act Quickly For Best Results

Please call The Law Firm of Joseph Lassen immediately at +1-210-625-6540 or complete an online form for a prompt response. Let me help you navigate this difficult period of your life. The sooner you call, the sooner I am ready to get to work to preserve your freedom and future.

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