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What factors does Texas consider when awarding child custody?

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2022 | Divorce

When you and your child’s other parent divorce or end your romantic relationship, you may need the Texas family court system to devise a child custody arrangement on your behalf. When doing so, the state’s primary goal is to come up with a plan that considers and reflects your child’s best interests.

Per the State Bar of Texas, there are certain variables that help the state’s court system determine what type of living arrangement is most suitable for your child. Some of these variables are as follows.

Your son or daughter’s wishes

If your child is old and mature enough to have and express an opinion about his or her living situation, the court takes your child’s wishes into account. Typically, your child must be at least 12 for the court to interview him or her about custody preferences.

Your child’s physical and emotional needs

Texas courts also take into account your child’s current and future physical and emotional needs and each parent’s ability to accommodate them. Each parent’s overall parental ability also falls under the microscope in a custody case. The court may look at you, your former partner and whether each of you has an understanding of your child’s needs and what it takes to meet them moving forward.

The stability of parent homes

The court may also consider how stable a home environment each of you provides when making decisions about child custody, as can each of your abilities to maintain continuity in terms of your child’s schooling and so on.

While courts typically consider these factors when making child custody decisions, this is not a full outline of all areas that may undergo review in a custody case.

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