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Child support and visitation rights

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2022 | Divorce

If you are a parent in the early stages of getting a divorce, or you have already ended your marriage and you have kids, you may need to go over various legal topics regarding child support as well as visitation. Whether you are a custodial parent who receives support or you have to pay support and see your child through visitation, you need to review your rights and options in the event that challenges arise.

Handling issues related to child support and visitation is crucial, especially since these matters can lead to harsh consequences.

Denied visitation and child support obligations

According to the Texas Attorney General, you must continue to pay court-ordered child support even if your child’s other parent wrongly denies your visitation rights. It is vital to stay current on child support obligations, since falling behind could make your life more challenging and create various consequences, such as losing your license and facing other court-imposed penalties.

However, you should explore your options with respect to enforcing your visitation rights and having the ability to see your child.

Missing child support payments and visitation

It is also important to note that if a parent fails to pay court-ordered child support, they still have the right to see their child in accordance with a court order. Therefore, if your child’s other parent missed payments, you have to continue to respect the terms of the court order.

When it comes to child support and visitation, these cases can generate strong emotions. Make sure you understand your obligations and focus on strategies to address the hurdles you are facing if your child’s other parent is not cooperating.

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