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I provide strategic legal advocacy personalized to your needs. With a law enforcement background and 18 years of practicing law, I create solutions that are proactive and effective.

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Trusted Representation For Complex Family Law Matters

As the attorney at The Law Firm of Joseph Lassen, I analyze complex situations such as custody disputes and high net worth asset division, then build comprehensive legal solutions to thoroughly address your divorce or any other family law issue.

Navigating your options without a knowledgeable attorney is an invitation for legal difficulties down the road. I will listen to you and recommend advantageous options for both you and your children. My approach ensures pursuit of a legal strategy that accomplishes your goals. The Law Firm of Joseph Lassen staff and I all strive to make your journey through family transitions smoother both now and into the future.

Client-Centered Legal Advocacy For The San Antonio Area

What Our Clients Say

“Joseph Lassen is passionate, dedicated, knowledgeable and professional. He will work harder for you than any other attorney. He explained everything to me step by step and always kept me informed. He helped guide me through difficult decisions and I trusted that I was working with the best. I am very thankful for her expertise and highly recommend him for any legal situation.” — JU

“Joseph Lassen processed my divorce skillfully. He provided me and my family with the safety and security we needed during a very challenging time. From start to finish, he handled everything expertly. I highly recommend him.” — L.B.

“I am so grateful for Joseph Lassen’s help concerning my son as he prepared to go to college. His knowledge and compassion helped ease this worried mom’s mind. He’s the type of attorney you want to work with.”—TJ

“You want Joseph Lassen on your team! He went above and beyond, winning my custody case and getting me more rights than I first asked for. His team is knowledgeable and helpful from start to finish. I highly recommend The Law Firm of Joseph Lassen.” — AZ

“Mr. Lassen’s swift and definitive actions helped remedy my situation quickly. His knowledge and willingness to fight for your rights were unsurpassed by any other attorney I spoke with. I’m happy we used him and would use him again if needed.” — Rebecca

Attorney Joseph Lassen Photo
Attorney Joseph Lassen Photo
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Fighting For Your Rights

My staff and I work hard to pursue your defense against criminal charges such as DWI, drug possession and assault. My experience as a police officer and prosecutor gives me an advanced awareness of defense possibilities for my clients.

Critically injured victims of motor vehicle accidents due to someone’s negligence deserve justice. I advocate for rightful compensation for injury, wrongful death and other losses experienced through a tragic accident.

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